Work for Ria Money Transfer

Ria is a global leader in money remittances and is a recognised benchmark in both quality and service – but we’re much more than a company that provides money transfer services. We exist thanks to the dreams of millions of people worldwide that left their homes in search of something more, for themselves and their families. Behind every customer, there is a story and we understand that many household incomes truly depend on the accuracy that our service provides.

Not only is it our mission to provide the best service for sending and receiving money, but also to support equal opportunity and social businesses, along with ethnic entrepreneurs. So we focus on working with family-owned companies, convenience stores, locutorios, Internet cafés and even hairdressers – depending on the country. We provide venture capital and technological innovation that allows these businesses to increase their revenue while offering their community the best value money transfer service available.

We are proud of the culture of service we have established at Ria and actively promote multiculturalism within our company. Our staff includes people from all over the world; because when you’re far away from home, hearing someone who speaks your language on the other end of the line makes things much easier.

Ria is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT). Founded in 1987 we are the third largest money transfer company in the world. As of Q1, 2018 our global agent network spanned 350,000 locations in 149 countries.

In addition to money transfer services, our product portfolio includes bill payment, pre-paid debit cards, mobile top-up, check cashing and currency exchange services.

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